Elevate FAQ

  1. What is a “One Fund” Initiative?
  2. What about my Faith Promise giving?
  3. Church Planting…is there a specific area already in mind to plant a church?
  4. What are the plans for updating areas of the Lemont Campus?
  5. If $500,000 of the HOME funding is for building improvements (See question #4), what is the other $3,010,000 for?
  6. How do I participate in giving to Elevate?


What is a “One Fund” Initiative?

You may have been a part of church campaigns in the past during which you were asked to give a second gift ‘above and beyond’ your usual gifts to make special initiatives like new buildings, missions or new ministries possible.

Normally, you gave that gift to the ‘Building Fund’ and you also continued to give offerings to the ‘General Fund.’ This type of giving is potentially confusing for two reasons: 1) people don’t have a baseline for their ‘usual giving’ or 2) people aren’t able to really celebrate their total engagement/giving at C1 in one single number.We believe that it is all ONE MISSION that we are on – the mission to bring more people to Christ here in our community and around the world. So as leadership, we have decided that from now on, it is going to be one fund to which we give our generosity at C1. No more ‘special campaigns.’ It is all ONE fund.

The Elevate strategic initiative will last for two years. In those two years, a portion of every gift that is given to C1 will go to HOME [creating environments where people find Christ], WORLD [expanding our priority of missions locally and globally], BLOCK [meeting the unique needs in Austin and planting churches in communities that surround us in Chicagoland], and FUTURE [removing debt in order to meet the 
next opportunities].


What about my Faith Promise giving for Missions?

Expanding on question #1 (What is a ‘One Fund’ Initiative?) the question of giving to missions through Faith Promise follows the same line of thinking. For years, many at C1 have given to missions through Faith Promise, Easter Offering and Thanksgiving Offering.

One thing that is not changing is our commitment to missions. In fact, as our overall giving increases, even more funds will be given directly to missions. A portion of every dollar given to C1 will go to mission efforts.

We are asking in the Elevate commitment process that you…

  • TOTAL your general giving (tithe or general giving)
  • ADD your Faith Promise for Missions that you have been giving
  • ADD any other category of your regular / periodic giving, then
  • TOTAL those offerings to become the base for your Elevate giving in 
    2017 and 2018.


Church Planting…is there a specific area already in mind to plant a church?

We believe God is calling us to multiply. This was part of our DNA in the first 50 years of our history. We are committed to pursuing this 
calling in the near future.  We have been exploring options as God opens doors, but a specific location or style of church plant is not clear at this time. Every type of plant is on the table – a video campus, a satellite location, etc., planting a church in the suburbs or in the city. We 
are purposefully not putting this vision in a predetermined box. As the Elevate Brochure indicates, we are simply committed to think NOW, not later.


What are the plans for updating areas of Lemont campus?

Elevate funding allocates $500,000 for improvements to the Lemont campus. This is a conservative amount that will provide needed basic updates to 4 areas.

  • Lobby: This area is the most visible and most used area of our facility. While small steps have been taken to improve way finding in the last 18 months, the overall look is dated. The Lobby has a dual role – one during the week with a focus on preschool and recreation families and another on weekends around services. We need more clearly designated areas where people can engage in taking next steps – first time guests being welcomed, people wanting to find a ministry or small group, and those seeking general information. The largest single expense in this remodel will be the flooring. The Lobby restrooms will also be updated.
  • Student Ministry Center: The area upstairs where our teens gather has the same issues as our lobby – it is out of date, the flooring needs to be replaced and some key ministry areas need to be reconfigured.
  • East Gym: This room has not been updated since it was built over 35 years ago. Flooring, acoustical treatments and painting will make a statement to the thousands who use this room each year. Flooring estimates alone are approximately $100,000.
  • Children’s Ministry: While the sanctuary provides a great atmosphere for FX, Cerrato Hall, the adjoining small lobby and most of the Bell Road classrooms have not been designed to provide a child-centered focus. Much like the Lobby, these areas have not been updated in more than 20 years. Again, the largest expense will be replacing flooring.

We could easily spend double our projected allocation to update these areas. Even then it would not address a significant investment to provide handicap accessibility to the second floor Student area. Wise and conservative decisions will need to be made in each of these projects.


If $500,000 of the HOME funding is for building improvements, what is the other $3,010,000 for?

The annual operating budget for the Lemont campus has been approximately $1,500,000 for the last few years. Again we are taking a conservative approach with no significant changes included within the 2-year Elevate goal [resulting in $1,500,000 x 2 = $3,000,000].  The operating budget covers:

  • All ministry expenses [children, youth, adult, worship]
  • Facility costs for the church building and two parsonages [utilities, repairs, maintenance, equipment]
  • Administrative costs [office, business equipment, communications, website, network, database]
  • Leadership development for staff and lay leaders
  • Vehicles/Transportation
  • Insurance for properties, vehicles, ministries and liability
  • Pastoral and support staff salaries, taxes and benefits

Staff salaries are being reviewed and plans for adjustments will be made based on the response of our congregation in their Elevate commitments. Staff raises have been rare in recent years and careful attention needs to be given to this area.


Click here for instructions on how to send your Elevate Commitment to the C1 office.