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Welcome to Nazarene Preschool. We have been a part of the community for over 35 years. Our qualified staff is committed to getting to know every child and providing each child with a strong foundation for learning. Nazarene Preschool provides a creative and nurturing environment that encourages each child to develop self-confidence and a love of learning. Children in our program are well prepared for kindergarten. It is our main goal to provide positive learning opportunities that give each child a foundation to reach their potential and become successful life-long learners.

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  • To create an atmosphere of warmth for the preschool children to grow and learn about the world God created and his love for them.
  • To encourage the development of appropriate social skills and independent growth through independent play.
  • To provide academic experiences based on age-appropriate and individual needs while addressing the appropriate state standards.




For more information contact Sharon Garcia, Nazarene Preschool Director
or Call 708-349-0454 ext. 31