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Security (Psalm 125) SERIES Security (Psalm 125)

Are We There Yet?
Pastor Brian Wangler

Like Servants (Psalm 123) SERIES Like Servants (Psalm 123)

Are We There Yet?
Pastor Bob Brown

Providence (Psalm 121) SERIES Providence (Psalm 121)

Are We There Yet?
Pastor Brian Wangler

Repentance (Psalm 120) SERIES Repentance (Psalm 120)

Are We There Yet?
Pastor Brian Wangler


Are We There Yet?

This summer series will examine 14 Psalms called "Songs of Ascent" and consider the frustrations of growth taking longer than expected.

So You Say You Want A Revolution?

Deep inside every believer is the call to revolution. Will you join the revolution and fulfill your God-given destiny?


We will be taking a deeper look into what we believe and what we do.


"Is there a God?" "Is the Bible reliable?" and "Why does God allow pain and suffering?"

This Changes Everything

Just when everyone thought things could never change, Jesus brought change.

3 Keys

What does it take to grow in faith? Consider “3 Keys” to unlocking spiritual vibrancy. What’s your next step?