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Does Life Have A Purpose? SERIES Does Life Have A Purpose?

Pastor Brian Wangler

Faith & Trust: In the Face of Doubt SERIES Faith & Trust: In the Face of Doubt

Pastor Matthew Spear

Forgetting Jesus SERIES Forgetting Jesus

Pastor Kyan Glenn

Christmas Eve SERIES Christmas Eve

This Changes Everything
Pastor Brian Wangler



"Is there a God?" "Is the Bible reliable?" and "Why does God allow pain and suffering?"

Stand Alone Sermons

Pastor Matthew Spear 1.06.19
Pastor Kyan Glenn 12.30.18

This Changes Everything

Just when everyone thought things could never change, Jesus brought change.

3 Keys

What does it take to grow in faith? Consider “3 Keys” to unlocking spiritual vibrancy. What’s your next step?

Peace Purpose Direction

We’re flipping the script of our lives. We will come fully alive as we discover our Peace, Purpose and Direction.

How Life Works

We hope the light bulb comes on as we dive into the book of Proverbs.